How would you like to start playing poker with any cards? Let’s say you are an beginner and you want to get to a level playing for bigger money. In other words, you want to get to the playing level where you play for thousands of dollars and you don’t want to waste all your money flushing it down the toilet. How can you accomplish this? Well basically, you can start playing any poker style over the internet, and I mean any kind, at any level.

The first thing I recommend when you start playing poker with any cards is to make your own starting hand. Tools such as blackjack tools and poker calculators can help you make better starting hands. How you do this is; determine which cards, if any, have a greater than predicted chance of existing in your starting hand. Let’s say you have 5 hearts in your hand. You must remember, when you have any heart, you have a flush. This means all you need to do is to have three cards of the same suit. If you have two, one should be more than enough. If you have one, you should at least have two more. You then add a little more to get it to three cards, and this should be your first starting hand.

From here, you can begin to gateway yourself. Remember, the more you can do the more you can win. If you are hesitant to build, and do not have a hand at this level, just select another card to start off with and try again. You may win with this, but I would recommend that you try another poker game. Why? Back to the point in the first paragraph, you have nothing but your cards to lose. If you are playing online, for instance, and lose your first hand, you may not be able to recover your chips in time to keep playing. In this case, I would urge you to forget about saving your money. Just forget about it. You lost your chips on just one hand, learn to deal, or Dewalive.

If you are not one to learn, you may want to gamble. Make a bear bet or put all your chips in the middle. If you win, you will be happy. If you lose, you will be flat broke. Just remember, learn by doing, not by thinking you will win and you will win. Unless you learn this principle, you will surely cycle through life never finding what you want. Everyone wants what everyone else has, but you want what you have not. This is so simple yet not given its right to you.

Everyone around you speaks about how much money they earn. They differ in what they believe they earn. You want to be different. Not everyone around you thinks they are born with a brilliant mind.Sometimes you don’t even know if you are smarter than everyone else until they push you out of the way. Push out the ones who think they’re smarter than you, and make them your enemy. You only want to be friends with people you can beat.

Does it sound hazy to “shoot the moon”? Virtually nothing is. However, when you wish for something, you usually intend it for a positive outcome. If you wish for something to happen, chances are it will. It’s 1975, “the year when we make everything.” I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. I hope you’ll find happiness in whatever endeavor you choose.

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