Many people trading on sports such as soccer Betting exchanges and spread betting in particular Betting exchanges provide several methods to bet on sport that can’t be found on the high street or in the usual bookmakers.

In simple terms, we are talking about the exchange markets which allow the punter to bet on a particular sport, the determination of which is taken by the exchange – which is a legally recognised market – and in turn the punter can back their selection to win, or lay their selection to lose.

triggering Betfair’s stake laws, you have the choice to back or lay your selection ahead of the event starting, which gives you both an incentive and a reason to promote your bet at the same time. Certainly, in this scenario, it would be beneficial to launch your bet early in the anticipation that you would be backed at the Bookmakers, receiving a higher price for your bet – and if backed on the exchanges you would be guaranteed to trade at a much lower price, still a certain one.

The benefits of trading this way are

Backers will enjoy a faster rate of commission on their trading account than Traditional Betting.

The act of backing an outcome at the Bookmakers, allows you to guarantee yourself a certain profit regardless of the outcome of the event. For example, in a major soccer league, one team is quite popular, the other quite unpopular. The value of each team is usually a certain percentage of the overall market, and this percentage swings depending on how many people are betting on the sport.

However, if you backed the less popular team in a certain pre-defined event, you would not be guaranteed a profit. In the event that the less popular team wins, you would break even.

The advantages of backing an outcome at the Exchange:

One of the great aspects of trading on betting exchanges is that, they allow you to place a bet on any number of markets. Along with backing and laying, you have a wide range of market types to choose from including:

  • Rules – defined events with a beginning and ending date
  • Sports – varied events with multiple competitors
  • Causes – including weather and public opinion
  • Roductions – including crops and horses
  • Opinions – including political and economic events
  • Remedies – including predictions and advice

Other strategic areas include:

  • Uating a possible outcome
  • Covering a number of betting markets
  • Creating a trading position
  • monitoring the movement of a currency.
  • A betting exchange

As you can see, betting exchanges allow you to bet at odds that are lower than you would find at the bookies – a sign that these facilities are not only good, but are really advantageous to bettors. In fact, an advantage in betting exchanges can be very simple – you can find the best prices!

With the emergence of betting exchanges, sports betting has gone one step further, with the emergence of price index trading.

In recent years, the betting exchanges have allowed us to bet in the same way as we would do with bookmakers, by setting a price per chance rather than a price per horse or football match. This means that we can still back a selection as well as laying it, if it is to be recommended, but we can also back an outcome as well as lay a selection, again to bet in the opposite way.

In this case, we have created a markets for betting on a particular sporting event in the hope of predicting the probable outcome of the event. In theory, we arearanteed to win if our selection comes top.

Going back to our example of a horse race, there are always 16 horses in a field of 16 and, due to their different levels of ability, it is impossible to know which horse will be placed in fifth (jayapoker) place. We can, however, bet amongst only eight horses, allowing us to select only four possible outcomes.

However, due to the betting exchanges having many thousands of pounds of punters wanting only the outcome of a particular event, the price per chance is often much higher than the actual chance of an outcome. We can thus expect to see betting prices which are higher than their actual chance of occurring.

We speculate that bookmakers will soon be bedding down to take this concept in a serious attempt to entice their bookmakers onto the betting exchanges, as it is a very lucrative business.

The betting exchanges are also able to offer a lot more betting markets than the traditional bookmaker, allowing punters to bet on things like the winner of a doubles “ather” in golf, or which house will “belly” in the next British Breeders’ Week.

On bookmakers’ websites, promotional banners are given by bookmakers offering special bets on particular events, for example those featuring exclusive information relating to certain betting opportunities or markets.

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