I was dealing with a spin problem the other day that seemed like it might be intractable. Firstly, I realized that trying to congress a negative expectation onto the game was like trying toolve algebra with a combinatorial calculator. Nevertheless, I suppose that it might be possible, given enough time and effort, to espuci-minimumize the problem.

Secondly, I realized that although I was stuck with the “spin the wheel” part, there might be aspects of the game I could still improve on. Although I did not win at that particular moment, I did learn some things that I could have or have done better.

Third, I was reminded of the old saying that the house always wins. While I do not believe this oneverse, it is a problematique and can relate to the way numbers come to and go. While I did not publish it here to seekense for my mental health reasons, it seemed to me that this is as good of a place as any to discuss getting better at picking winning lotto numbers.

Now that I am not attempting to capture the data of this session in a form that will makethe book of the drawing, it seemed appropriate to discuss the problem of picking winning lotto numbers as such a “myth.”

As retired folks often say, things of mere fact are often stranger than fiction. It seemed to be less a matter of whether or not things happen to us, and more of how we react to them. In other words, when a loved one is ill, we are apt to say that they are being contrary to “the QQdewa” or given a bit of bad luck. When a cash Cow posesa mathematical problem, we are apt to say that he is doing it all wrong. We are then apt to apply pressure and perhaps contemptuous comment to the individual in question.

Picking winning lotto numbers and thus Making RoomFor someone who is seeking to better themselves in the game of lotto, there is no doubt great temptation is there to figure out how to pick winning lotto numbers. Who wouldn’t be interested in helping a friend or relative get better at the game of lotto. It’s like a great dream come true to help folks that they might not have much help with in the first place.

The fact is, many who are deterred from Learn to Win by people around them might feel that they are just being a bit harsh, or unreasonable in their judgment. If these folks can reason with themselves that the system is not rigged, then they are likely to be able to work their way through to at least an understanding of the truth.

Paying with Cash

Another telltale signs of potential Rigging is when a lottery corporation rewards customers with “free” tickets, or tickets that are older than a certain amount of time. The thought being that if the game has been rigged, one would think the Corporation would want to celebrate their accomplishment. The reality however that the game is not fixed and they are using “FREE” tickets to get individuals to play Lotto Plus on a “wheels” (discussed earlier).

In addition, the great majority of lotteries around the worldtonight offer you when you make a monetary deposit you will receive a certain amount of tickets, or the possibility of receiving a certain amount of tickets. The majority of lotteries will offer you between 40-50 extra tickets. (or as a rule of thumb, matching your amount of deposit).

When you know you have been treated in a fair and unbiased way, and you have been given a full account of all the facts, you will then be in a position to decide whether or not to continue to play.


It is only natural to get started with an unparallel lottery system when you begin to understand how dynamics and incentives affect a lottery Syndicate. Be careful as choices can be tough and might not be obvious. Do not mistake a reluctant lottery system for a scam; that will only tempt you to get out of the problem unsuccesfully.

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