The Cleveland Indians are the most improved team in baseball over the past 2 seasons. They improved 12 wins from 2003 to 2004 and they totaled 93 wins last season for a 13 game improvement from the previous year. Cleveland decided to rebuild their team with young talent and it has pay off.

With the way the Indians came on strong to test the White Sox at the end of last season, many feel Cleveland can take the division. They don’t appear to have any big Achilles heals, but I think their pitching staff can still do enough to take the division. Cleveland’s pitching has been their strong suit and they should still be strong, but I expect the Indians’ offense to keep them in the race. With the addition of Alex Gordon, Cleveland’s young talent has some pop behind them, but they were still just average last season. They obviously need more time to develop, but I still think Cleveland’s fairly well-equipped to take the division.

Their pitcher, Paulosiels, is an underdog in his first season in Cleveland. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff and he throws a lots of breaking balls. I think the Indians will benefit off of their chemistry from last season. Cleveland’s pitching staff will benefit off of the relatively easy classified innings recipe provided by manager Joe Torre.torre to ownership and players. Cleveland’s big offseason addition to address the void on the pitching staff was adding highly regarded young bullpen hand, Kenny Wells. Wells has a career 5.18 ERA at home compared to a mediocre 6.19 ERA on the road, so he will be a big help to Cleveland’s back end of the rotation. Wells was the chasing bail in most cases out of Colorado and Los Angeles.

As far as Atlanta goes, the Braves are the only NL team with an excellent young starting staff that I would consider playing the Yankees in the early rounds. With a young, relatively affordable piece in the mix, the chances of winning this game are much higher than it might look. The Braves are the only team in the National League with a 10 win season and the only team with a winning record against the National League, going 20-10 against the NL. With Atlanta’s great offense, it only makes sense that they will put up some runs in bunches. If you want to play the Yankees, take them in the early stages. If you want to play the Red Sox, be patient and watch themstruck the YankeesTime will tell if Boston’s young guns are any good, but already have an rotation quality to worry about.

Buffalo’s young offense should light up the end of your bench. There’s nothing like an extra couple of grand in a poker game to get you motivated for a baseball game.

These games are not just about who can make the most noise for however long. I believe this is where you can find the best value in baseball. If the Yankees are up after six innings and are about to lefty starter Jaret Wright is pitching. Of course you know the answer already, but I will say this. If you where in the fifth row holding three hundred and fifty dollars than you may be making money in the seventh inning.

The Bolagila were a home dog in about 78% of their games last season. You can expect this trend to continue as the home dog team has great value as an underdog. Look for the home dog to give you a great value in the early part of a bet. If you where opening the under on the home dog and it drops to 5-3 in the middle innings you may be making a bad bet. I am sure most of us would prefer playing the home dogs especially since they are an underdog, but remember to be patient and watch for the line to move wean the underdog a little more in your favor. Being consistent in your betting practices will help you to find the most profitable lines. Let’s recap, when opening the baseball lines bet under, look for the line to move to the underdog by 5-3 or more. When the line does not move, look and see if the home dog is still an underdog. Often they will be if given a couple quality starts.

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