It is no easy task to siphon through the hundreds of online poker rooms on the internet today to find the best one for no limit freerolls. I should know; I’ve just spent a great deal of time doing just that. Why, you ask? Curiosity played a part I suppose, but also so that I can help other online poker players discover the best poker sites for freerolls, without taking the time and effort to research it themselves.

When seeking out the best poker sites for freerolls, I based my decision on several factors. First and foremost was the amount of freerolls offered. I simply didn’t realize the extent of the problem until I actually started researching freeroll options on numerous websites. In fact, nearly every single one offered freerolls nearly 24/7 right up until the servers went down!

Next I looked at the type of poker offered in the room. I don’t play any type of tournament that offered more than two table starts, so was looking for a somewhat more cautious poker room. Once I was done searching, a poker room with an extreme liberal rake structure came to mind. Amazingly, it actually took me a while to even review the poker room, as the layout and overall setup of the poker room took up about half of the available real estate on my screen. In other words, when I wanted to play poker, I had to switch back to an online freeroll tournament with a full schedule of daily and weekly tournaments.

Lastly and not leastly, I took into account the popularity of the poker room and what type of players used the room. Quite frankly, it didn’t matter what type of poker player you were, once you got in, you were going to play.cks would’ve been on your seats.Everyone was.

Despite all that though, there were still poker rooms that I coveted. First and foremost, I wanted to find a Vodka138 room that offered a high quality poker software download that wasn’t too slow. Most of the times, online poker rooms just flopped right in to an install then double or triple my bankroll in the process. I really wasn’t going to tolerate that. Also, lookout for a wide variety of poker game variations, especially Western European style poker. That variety is what made the original poker room so successful.

The next thing to look for is a poker room that offered a variety of limits for me to choose from. Now, sure, everyone wants to play high stakes and take down big pots, but for the majority of players, these simply don’t exist. You will find that many rooms limit the amount on the tables at one time, while others offer two or three table limits. Also look for a poker room that offers a wide array of tournament styles on offer. There’s nothing quite like opening a pot at Texas Hold ‘Em and getting a nice raise and a reraise as the action spilled out to the Left and Right, before depositing in the big blind!

Beyond that, there really was no wide selection to begin with, so when these poker sites decided to add some interest to the mix, I was generally OK with that. As far as I am concerned, a freeroll poker room is just as entertaining as one that offers thousands of dollar freerolls for the same price.

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