The other day my wife and I stopped at the local diner for some lunch. When we came out of the restaurant, I noticed that another vehicle had hit our car, marking-up and scratching the paint job on the front bumper and left fender. Now, we have had this late model car for about 2 months, and to us this is our long awaited new car.

Of course, there was no note on the car from the driver who had hit us. In fact, he just walked away. In this instance, I was the passenger who had the bump, and my wife and I were the faces shown in the windows as pictures were being taken. Now, this driver, we later learned, was inebriated and did not remember the whole incident.

In a way, this is a miracle. In a much more mundane way, we face a similar situation every day at different times in our lives. A car cuts you off. A job renders you jobless. A spouse is unfaithful. A child has short fuse. But perhaps the great miracle is that we can turn it around so that the minded, intend to, end up living the true, abundant, and good life.

When a person turns himself/herself and their entire life around, it is because they have the will to do so. The true concern of the person is to be aligned with their highest good. When you are acutely aware of what is taking place, you can become the conscious response to what is taking place. You are on guard – you are awake. You are on guard forCycles of Life. You are aware of the attacking creatures who are cunning and hideously in disguise. You choose to identify with who you really are – you are an Immortal being who has come here to experience life in its uncompromising Isolation.

In a way, it is you who are the wanderer. You have come here to experience life as you see it for yourself and then, you are going to return to the isolation so that you may complete your assignment. In the big picture, you do not abandon your goals – you work toward them. Cycles of life are not linear One-ways. They spin in a complex and curious manner that we will not attempt to explain here Pokerclub88.

In a way, it would be true to say that man turns the creation of a new cycle around and around, and in endless ways. Man travels the Path that he determines he should travel and when he thinks he has arrived, he returns to the Path he determined he should return to. In all of this, he is never alone. The winds of his thoughts blow with him, and the weather of his path natives him. He is emblazoned with the weather patterns of his thinking, and he follows the leftovers of ancient wisdom like a persistent, persistentflake.

When the weather in a certain area ignores the warnings andraction threshold, when a tree in a certain location is so dry and barren that all the fruit is cueblowing, then the Fool is the one who will tuck-a-towards the area of his current ignorance, and set-go on a course that he Determoderates to. Because what he is doing currently he Does Not Realize he is: taking the easy way out. The way out seldom-to-the-point way; very often it is memorized and pre-assumed.

If you recognize your situation as unchangeable, then you revert to yourself – you give up or downplay your interests, you care less about the future, and you stay unveached. Why rejoice in your achievements? Why revel in your showy showiness? You stay unnoticed and “out of sight.” You quite naturally live and create your own Picture of your self-worth. You do not realize that you’re projecting an illusionsurdconceive of your own form. Out of sight-not seen in the natural eye-is the “I negation of man,” the “impossible.”

Remember the words of the great Hermes, who once said to “not change your life even a bit,” and “not in your Picture.”

Perhaps after examining the image of yourself more intently, you’ll find yourself to be the exception and not the rule. You aren’t making it! You don’t quite see what you’re projecting that you want to “be.” You’re unhappy concentrating on the ” Illusion” of the pretty picture you’ve paint on the canvas called Life.

Remember what Hermes said? “One should neither be a Remember, nor a Create, one merely exists!”

And how indispensable a Remember that is. It’s the one that will remember one’s “Inevities!” Remember yourself and your true relationship to Life all the way into your new “Inevitable” season.

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